Absolute Satisfaction Nanny Services
Have experience in all aspects of cleaning your home to ensure that all items are carefully cleaned within the household.
Duties may include cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and cooking. Housekeepers are available for full time or part time basis depending on the employer’s needs. Suggested wage should be $25.00 per hour.
Live-In Nannies:
All Nannies must be fully trained as childcare providers. All Caregivers must be certified in caring for the elderly. Both must have the knowledge in keeping your child and the patients safe and well looked after at all times. Duties may also include cleaning, making lunches or cooking dinner, laundry and light housework. Nannies will be hired on a full time basis and employers are responsible for scheduled hours and wages paid to the employee at a suggested rate of $14.00 to $18.00 per hour depending on the work involved . The employer must provide a minimum of 2 years full time hours and be able to show the unavailability in finding a local Nanny to meet their needs. Employers are required to pay for all fees regarding this process.
Live-Out Nannies:
Some Live-out Nannies now have met the required working time to apply for their Canadian Citizenship and have their own families to care for therefore a flexible schedule of hours is needed. Full time or part time hours are based on the employer’s needs and a suggested wage for this should be $16.00 to $20.00 per hour. As we all know parents raise their children differently, because of this it is very important that the right person is involved in caring for the child/children. The parents must allow the Nanny/Caregiver the freedom, within the guidelines that are clearly set by parents, to be implemented. It is recommended that a 2 day trial period is given to insure the right candidate is hired.
Our Fees:
The fees, which are non-refundable, are used to conduct interviews, background checks, character and personal references, as well as validation of certificates, and work experience involving their role as nannies, housekeepers or caregivers to ensure the right candidate is provided to meet the needs of the employer. Once all parties are agreed on the schedule of work which is needed to be performed and compensation for sed work the employer shall pay the employee directly.
More Information:
For more information pertaining to the immmigration laws in Canada concerning work and visas, please contact us via. email.