Absolute Satisfaction Nanny Services
Legal Notes:
Absolute Satisfaction Nanny Services does not hold any rights to the images displayed on the website at the time of writing (September 13, 2016). The landscape image was located on a stock website through a Google search specifically tailored to find a "landscape" picture which had been "labeled for reuse" under their Usage Rights search tool. It was sourced from Pexels.com, who had openly shown the image as being "Free for personal and commercial use" and "No attribution required" as per their CC0 license.
The other image found here at the time of writing is the artwork "Hold On" created by Aaron Reed. Our CEO had purchased a copy of this artwork locally long ago, and was inspired by it, choosing it now to be displayed on our website. It is at the moment still listed Aaron Reed's website in his Open Editions Collection for $20.00 and we do encourage anyone interested to go and purchase this image for themselves as well.
All verbiage and layout measures on this site were created by us and, unlike the imagery, we will withhold rights to reuse, regardless of minor modifications (less than 30% difference in appearance) or attributions unless permissions are explicitly given.